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Youth Ag Video Showcase Winners

Farmer and young son working on the farm
Texas Farm Credit presenting Sam Rayburn FFA with the Youth Ag Video champion title.

Texas Farm Credit announced the winners of their Youth Ag Video Showcase and the recipients of the $26,000 cash pot prize.

The showcase encouraged local youth groups to submit a 2-3 minute video spotlighting their agricultural project or passion. The entries were judged by an employee selection committee using the contest scorecard that gave points for overall presentation, creativity, design, content, and organization.

Grand Champion

Living to Serve, Sam Rayburn FFA – $8,000 prize

Congratulations to Weston Parr and Eli Mosley of Sam Rayburn FFA who rose to the top of the entries with their Living to Serve initiative which includes growing vegetables in their hydroponic tower garden and their outdoor raised bed garden, as well as raising laying hens and market broilers. The fruits of their labor are shared with the school cafeteria to include in lunches for the students.

Parr and Mosley, Seniors at Sam Rayburn High School, say their overarching goal for this project is to leave a legacy for younger students by creating an appreciation for agriculture and giving them something to build from.

An $8,000 cash prize was presented to Parr, Mosley, and their FFA teacher, Kasey Naylor. “As eighth graders, I knew that there was something extremely special about Weston and Eli,” said Naylor. “That’s one reason I wanted to keep their hands busy and get them engaged in a great SAE project, which is where the Tower Gardens came in, and it turned into the Living to serve project where they’ve gotten other students involved in our community, and it’s been a blast to watch them grow and live to serve fully.”

Prize Amounts and Additional Winners

Alongside the Grand Champion, three other teams received high scores and will be receiving cash prizes as well.

The Youth Ag Video Showcase is part of Texas Farm Credit’s Passion Forward program which aims to give back 2% of their annual net income to local communities each year.

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