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Texas Farm Credit Visits Capitol Hill for Farm Credit Fly-In

Farmer and young son working on the farm

Texas Farm Credit, alongside several other products of other Farm Credit-affiliated producers, were selected to take center stage at an honorary reception for farmers, ranchers and agribusinesses, each serving as powerful symbols of the Farm Credit story.

The Farm Credit Marketplace Reception, a highlight of the 2023 Farm Credit Fly-In on Nov. 15, drew thousands of congressional members, staff, administration officials and influential agricultural stakeholders. This event was a pivotal moment where nearly 100 Farm Credit customers from across the nation showcased their value-added products, weaving narratives that extended beyond commodities to embody the hard work and commitment of rural Americans served by Farm Credit.

“Our experience at the Farm Credit Fly-in was incredible,” said Texas Farm Credit customers Jarrett and Alyson Lassig. “We met our congressional leaders, including Congressman Nathaniel Moran who gave us an exclusive tour of the capitol. We saw the sites of D.C., learned more about the Farm Credit System and about the significance of agricultural advocacy. The highlight of the trip for us was the marketplace event. Hands down. Getting to talk about our farm with so many interested and invested folks was a lot of fun. The trip, overall, strengthened our connection with our Texas Farm Credit family, and we’re so glad we were able to experience it.”

Producer-customers from the Texas District exhibited 14 of the unique Farm Credit products, each symbolizing the dedication of the men and women responsible for their creation. By facilitating connections between congressional members and the faces behind these products, the marketplace reception helps underscore the indispensable role of Farm Credit in ensuring the stability and prosperity of rural America.

“It’s about making a tangible connection and removing the abstract. Bringing products to us in Washington, D.C., here in our backyard, helps bring the product to life,” said Congressman Robert Aderholt, one of many representatives to attend the reception. “It helps people connect dots and conjure the community of people involved in all these products, all the many hands that touch it along its journey. It’s important to tell that story.”