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6 Home Construction Trends to Consider for Your Home Build

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Buying a few acres and building your dream home: this is an important long-term goal for so many people — especially in Texas. 

As more and more people nationwide choose to move to the Lone Star State, the amount of new home construction is on the rise. It’s hard to pass by any neighborhood in this state without seeing foundations being poured or frames being built. 

And while every one of those homes is unique in its own way, there are a few home construction trends in Texas starting to make their mark. 

Here are a few home construction ideas to keep an eye on if you’re searching for inspiration! 

Energy efficient homes and eco-friendly materials 

Buying land or building a home can be expensive — so why not save a little more cash once you move in? At least that’s the thought process for more and more homeowners in Texas. Deciding to build a home with energy-efficient features is becoming increasingly common. 

For example, many homeowners benefit from energy-efficient appliances. Induction stoves offer more energy savings than conventional ones. You can also opt for more energy-efficient washing machines and dishwashers to minimize what you spend on your electricity bill every month. 

Many homebuilders also opt for more eco-friendly materials, such as recycled steel or reclaimed wood. These materials are less harmful to the environment and can be more easily reused or recycled. 

Sustainable construction

Just like homeowners can choose more sustainable materials to include inside their home, construction crews can too. Sustainable materials are increasingly becoming must haves for new builds. 

For instance, low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints are much more common. They’re less harmful to the environment and less toxic to inhale. 

More mixed-use development 

As more people move into Texas, there’s been a trend towards more mixed-use development, especially in more urban areas like Houston or Dallas. 

Mixed-use construction aims to blend home construction alongside development of commercial or entertainment facilities. For people who live in these communities, it means closer, easier access to amenities and social opportunities. 

These developments are less common in rural areas; however, these areas are usually just a short drive away! 

Natural/rustic aesthetics 

Texas is a down-to-earth kind of state. Many homeowners here like to reflect that in their home design. For example, many new homes are built using stone or concrete for a more rustic look. 

Inside, homeowners like to choose materials made of wood or leather for an earthier feel. 

In Texas, you’ll also find plenty of homes with that “rustic farmhouse” aesthetic. It’s a classic for a reason! 

More “smart” homes

As technology evolves, Texas homeowners are increasingly choosing to construct “smart” homes. In other words, houses these days are equipped with smart devices that can do anything from secure the home itself to remotely adjust the temperature of your basement. 

Popular smart devices can include things like:

  • Voice-controlled music and lights
  • Security systems with motion-sensing
  • Smart appliances (like a refrigerator that will tell your smartphone when you need more lettuce or eggs)
  • Smart thermostats 

Bigger windows 

One of the best parts of living in Texas is the landscapes you have access to. Whether you’re in Hill Country, out on the plains, or somewhere in between, what’s outside your home is just as important as what’s in it. So how best to maximize your connection to the outdoors from your home? Bigger windows. 

More and more homeowners in Texas are including plans for bay windows, for example, to give rooms more natural sunlight. Plus you can more easily keep an eye on everything happening on your land — from families of deer trekking through, to rainclouds rolling in from the west.

What are the best places to build a home in Texas? 

Where in Texas you decide to settle will depend on your goals, budget, proximity to family or friends, and more. But there are a few hotspots that have seen many new homeowners join the community. 

According to the 2023 Building Activity Trend Report from Home Builders Weekly, more than 80 percent of new residential construction permits in Texas originated from the Houston and Dallas metro areas.

Most new home construction in the Houston area happened in Harris County, while Tarrant and Collin Counties were popular spots in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

As a hub for many new companies and technology, Austin is also a popular choice for many Texans. 

Is now a good time to build a home in Texas?

The numbers don’t lie: Texas is one of the hottest states in the U.S. to live in right now. 

According to a report from RubyHome Luxury Real Estate, Texas has had the most new home construction since 2010. More than 2 million homes (out of more than 11 million) in Texas have been constructed since 2010. 

If you build a new home in Texas, you’ll have plenty of neighbors. The Lone Star State has experienced some of the highest rates of population growth in the country recently. Between 2000 and 2022, Texas gained just over 9 million residents. That’s about 395,000 new Texans moving in every year.

How Texas Farm Credit’s construction loans work 

Once you choose your future homesite in Texas and start drawing up plans for your dream home, we’re here to help. Our one-time close construction loans cover a 12-month construction period and allow you to start paying your mortgage after closing. In the long run, this will help you save money — so maybe you can install that smart thermostat or add a little more farmhouse decor.

At Texas Farm Credit, we offer loans for a wide range of budgets and needs. Try out our land loan calculator to determine what size loan is best for you and your goals.

About the AuthorBrittney Klein

Brittney graduated from Texas A&M University with a bachelor’s degree in animal science and soon after she obtained her real estate license. She resides in her hometown of Bellville, TX where she is active with the Austin County Fair and serves on various committees. In her free time she enjoys spending time with family, traveling, and exploring small towns in Texas.