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Farm Loans in Texas

Closeup of crops on a farm

Farm loans are designed to help farmers and ranchers finance their operations, and Texas Farm Credit offers a variety of options to agricultural producers. When you hear the word agriculture, you might imagine anything from cows grazing in green field to row of crops swaying in the breeze, or even chickens running around a coop, agriculture and its commodities or as diverse as the people who work in the industry. That’s why Texas Farm Credit is here to support all types of agriculture in a variety of ways. We provide operating loans, production loans, and financial help for row crops, cattle and equipment from seed to feed and everything in between. And we understand that every agricultural operation is unique, so every loan is tailored to fit your individual needs. There are many types of farm loans that we offer, and here are the most common. First, we have farm ownership loans.

These loans can be used to purchase farmland, construct, or improve buildings on the farm, or make other improvements to the farm’s infrastructure. Next is operating loans. These loans are designed to help farmers cover the day-to-day expenses of running their farm, such as purchasing seeds, fertilizer, and other inputs. Then lastly, there are farm storage facility loans. These loans help farmers build or improve facilities for storing crops or other farm products. And finally, conservation loans. These loans can be used to implement conservation practices on the farm, such as installing irrigation systems or planting cover crops. But we don’t just offer traditional agricultural financing. We also provide land loans for all types of real estate, including unimproved, non-commercial or recreational land tracks, rural residential on large acreage and specialized ag property improvements. And for those of you with agribusinesses, we’ve got you covered there too. We offer financing for everything from cotton gins to feed mills to poultry facilities and sawmills. Running an agribusiness can be complex, but we have the expertise to deliver customized solutions for even the most complicated borrowing situations. If you’re looking for a capital resource that understands the unique needs and cyclical nature of the agriculture industry, look no further than Texas Farm Credit. Let’s work together to keep agriculture diverse and thriving for generations to come.

About the AuthorJP Clopton

JP Clopton has been a lender with Texas Farm Credit since June 2015. He is currently active with the Montgomery County Fair Association, Fellowship of Montgomery, Conroe Lions Club, and other community activities. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time fishing, hunting, and working around the family farm.