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Michael Vance: Improving Profitability

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How this Texas Ranch Leveraged a Partnership with Texas Farm Credit to Improve Profitability

Without inheriting any land or ranching assets, Michael found it most important to grow his own ranching operations through strategic partnerships. These partnerships include capital partners as well as landowners that believe in regenerative grazing principles.

Southern Reds, LLC., Michael’s current cattle partnership, has grown into a 1,200 head seedstock operation in North Central Texas. His operations span across 8,000 acres, managed with the help of his wife and 3 young sons. Southern Reds has plans to double its operation in the next two years due to such increased demand from landowner partners who desire to see their own land investments be improved through true ecosystem management and regenerative grazing principles. Michael currently has customers in 13 states who use his genetics to improve their own regenerative farming and ranching operations.

“Texas Farm Credit has really allowed us the ability to get started with our current partnership,” said Michael. “They believed in us and they’ve grown with us throughout the partnership without question. Whenever we get an opportunity to lease a large track, we never doubt that we can pull that off – and that’s given us the ability to really increase our rate of return in a way that is truly a good investment for us.”

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