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Rural Texas Land Ownership

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Land ownership can bring a wealth of pleasure to families, hunters, outdoorsmen, equine enthusiasts and folks that enjoy connecting with the great outdoors. There’s a few things better in life than sitting on a tailgate watching the sunset over your little slice of heaven.

Many of our secondary home customers often reside in metropolitan areas like Dallas, San Antonio, or Houston, but they choose to spend their time away on their weekend ranch, a peaceful turnkey property strictly for relaxing. Some choose to rate livestock, rent land or structures on the property or hay the fields in the summer to generate some income and offset the cost by still others choose to invest in a fully working ranch that needs a bit more attention, maybe even a hired hand, there’s ranches out there for all types and the best ones are right here under the stars of Texas. So how do we get you there?

We need to talk about what area of Texas you’d be willing to explore. Are there any specific amenities or terrain you’re envisioning? Are you hoping for pine trees or prefer a lake or lagoon? Will you want to spend time hunting or fishing on the land or just a quiet spot within an hour’s drive to get some fresh air?

Well, my advice is to start with a reputable land agent. We know lots of them and we would gladly put you in touch. An experienced land agent will guide you on things that as a new landowner, you may not have thought about such as flood plains, great for duck hunters and anglers, but structure should be on a higher ground and that’s just one example we can help you with.

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Land Loan Options That Work For You

Explore borrowing options for your land purchase. Texas Farm Credit’s land loan options include real estate loans, ranch and recreational land loans, land refinancing, and land improvement capital.

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By working with a land agent and a rural financer like Texas Farm Credit, you’ll have an entire team full of resources, knowledge and connections standing behind you, helping to find the perfect spot for your family. That’s the biggest difference between Texas Farm Credit and a traditional mortgage company. We come from the same place you do, rural Texas. We’re committed to you, to the land and the Western heritage we love. Give us a call and let’s talk.

About the AuthorTrey Werner

Trey attended East Texas Baptist University where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and Athletic Training. He joined TFC with a background in professional sales where he specialized in farm and ranch real estate. Trey is a member of the Bellville Chamber of Commerce where he enjoys serving the residents of Bellville, Texas, where he resides with his wife and three children.

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