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Slomchinski Farms

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A Rich Family Legacy

Slomchinski Farms holds a rich family legacy, and that’s not changing for the next generation.

Bill Slomchinski has farmed for 43 years, carrying on the legacy of an operation that has been in the family for 120 years—a legacy he plans to pass to the next generation. His son, Brett, came home from college in 2007 and has been on board for 11 harvests.

“Brett’s taught me a lot of things about modern agriculture,” Bill said. “When GPS came along, well, I was against it at first, now, it’d be the last thing I’d get rid of. Each generation learns something new and there’s no telling what we’re going to have 50 years down the road.”

Bill and Brett Slomchinski make a great team. Together, they unite decade’s old knowledge and extensive experience with a new perspective from the next generation.

Rollin’ with the Changes

Bill has seen the agricultural industry change. “When I started farming, you could take a few dollars and make a lot of dollars. And now you spend a lot of dollars to make a few dollars.”

Those challenges are part of the reason why the Slomchinski family turned to Farm Credit. “I decided to go with Texas Farm Credit for the simple fact that they have an agriculture background. They understand and not all banks understand farming,” said Brett.

The Next Generation

Reflecting on his own experience as a farmer and thinking towards the future, Bill recalled a photograph of him and his own father next to one of their favorite trees on the property. Over the years, the tree has grown and matured, just as Bill, and now Brett, have grown and changed. “One of the things I’m most proud of is being able to grow up on the farm and pass something along to somebody else,” said Bill.

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