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The Kniestedt Foundation

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James (Jim) Kniestedt, a retired military veteran and founder of the Kniestedt Foundation, is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of veterans. The foundation, initially inspired by Jim’s passion for the outdoors and wildlife, has evolved into a comprehensive support system for veterans, particularly those with 50% or more disability. The Kniestedt Foundation organizes outdoor experiences, including hunting, fishing, and other activities, aiming to enhance the quality of life for veterans and their families.

Jim’s connection with Texas Farm Credit has been instrumental in realizing his vision. With Texas Farm Credit’s financial support, Jim has been able to acquire and develop ranch properties, creating revenue models that fund the foundation’s initiatives. Texas Farm Credit’s expertise in understanding outdoor revenue models, coupled with a long-term relationship, has facilitated Jim’s ability to expand his projects, leaving a lasting positive impact on the land and its utilization.

“I’ve been able to watch Jim, and what’s meaningful to me is the stewardship to the land, which follows through to what he does with the people who utilize the land. He always leaves the place better than he found it, and is truly a jewel to our society.” – Billy Best, Texas Farm Credit Raymondville Branch Manager

Jim’s foundation is not just about hunting; it’s about providing life experiences and support for veterans dealing with PTSD and traumatic brain injuries. The foundation’s commitment to special projects for special operation organizations and its focus on bringing families together highlight its holistic approach to veteran support. Jim’s personal connection to the cause and the partnership with Texas Farm Credit demonstrate a shared commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of veterans and their families.