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Widget Farms

Closeup of crops on a farm

In the heart of sunny southern Texas, a fourth-generation family farm known as Widget Farms thrives, under the watchful care of Jarrett and Aly Lassig. The story of this farm, deeply rooted in their agricultural heritage, revolves around the cultivation of cotton, corn, and grain sorghum. As a young child, Jarrett was tutored in the ways of farming by his father and uncle, forging a connection that would guide their future.

Yet, like many who embark on the farming journey, the Lassigs faced hurdles early on. They yearned for a partner who not only grasped their vision but also a financial ally willing to grow alongside them. In 2014, they partnered with Texas Farm Credit.

“Texas Farm Credit has been really great working with us as we’ve grown,” Jarrett said.

However, it’s the products born from their labor that truly take the spotlight. While cotton, corn, and grain sorghum serve as the foundation of their farm, their produce finds its way into both the animal and human worlds. For instance, their corn, beyond serving as an essential ingredient in food and fuel alike, is a crucial ingredient in birdseed, ensuring a feast for the countless avian visitors gracing our landscapes. Cotton’s contribution extends beyond textiles; it weaves itself into the animal feed industry, offering sustenance to creatures great and small. Meanwhile, grain sorghum, known as milo, is a key ingredient in gluten free flour, but also takes center stage in animal feed, thus providing a balanced diet that fuels so many.

Yet the Lassigs’ story encompasses more than just crops. Alongside their bustling farming endeavors, they manage cattle, care for a small goat herd, and delight in fresh eggs from their laying hens. Their commitment to the future of agriculture is a recurring theme.

Their unwavering commitment to the future of farming shines through in their active participation in educational programs offered by Texas Farm Credit. These programs, like the Young Leaders Council, grant them precious insight into farming practices and connect them with fellow budding farmers, creating a vibrant sense of community within the agricultural landscape.

“Honestly, I didn’t know much about farming loans, so joining YLC and learning how it all works, really set the groundwork for our business and our partnership with Texas Farm Credit, and going into the future as well.”
– Aly Lassig

“Partnering with Texas Farm Credit and being part of their Young Leadership Council for the last few years has been a great opportunity for us. We’ve met a lot of great people – both fellow farmers, others in the industry, and many of the Texas Farm Credit management team. And we’ve also had some great experiences such as learning about the timber industry and visiting a sawmill, as well as seeing hatch green chilis being harvested. It’s all been a great experience for us and I would encourage anyone to take the opportunity to meet fellow agricultural and industry folks, as well as the team at Texas Farm Credit,” said Jarrett.

In the end, Jarrett and Aly’s story reflects the diverse ways in which their crops impact both human and animal lives, ensuring sustenance for all. It’s a tale of growth, nourishment, and a dedication to the land and its inhabitants, bridging generations and promising a thriving future.

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